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Корпус разъема, монтаж на кабель, Серия SMS QIKMATE, Штекер, 36 вывод(-ов)

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БрендSOURIAU НаименованиеSMS36P1 Цена заШтука Страна производстваUnited States СкладЭЛИМ

Корпус разъема, монтаж на кабель, Серия SMS QIKMATE, Штекер, 36 вывод(-ов)

The Quick Mate SMS series Qikmate Panel and Cable Connector Housing made of polyamide 6.6. It is highly effective system approach to solving the constant demand for interconnection techniques. It is a range of multi-way connectors using N° 16 TRIM TRIO 0.0625-inch diameter contacts and available in 10 contact arrangements from 2 to 36 positions. Having no additional hardware, panel receptacle connectors snap and lock into panel cut-outs and cable plugs quick connect and disconnect with positive retention locks. Cable plug connectors also feature pin-protection skirts, positive polarisation and can be supplied with or without integrated strain relief hoods. Cable receptacle connectors (only with integrated strain relief hoods) are developed to mate with cable plug connectors thus offering solutions for cable to cable applications. Cable plug and receptacle have discrimination cavities in between contact cavities, thus offering discrimination without contact loss.

  • Available in 10 contact arrangements
  • Self mountable panel receptacle with positive housing retention
  • Cable plugs with retaining latches for positive locking
  • Cable plug has pin protection skirt to prevent damage of male contacts
  • Positive polarization keys prevent mismating
  • Cable plug and receptacle have integrated strain relief hood which can take a wide range of cables
  • 500 Matings and unmatings durability
  • UL94V-2 Flammability
  • -55 to 105°C Operating temperature range

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Съемными штекерными контактами с фиксацией TRIM TRIO
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