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Разъем типа провод-плата, 1.27 мм, 34 контакт(-ов), Гнездо, Серия FFSD, IDC / IDT, 2 ряд(-ов)

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БрендSAMTEC НаименованиеFFSD-17-01-N Цена заШтука Страна производстваUnited States СкладЭЛИМ

Разъем типа провод-плата, 1.27 мм, 34 контакт(-ов), Гнездо, Серия FFSD, IDC / IDT, 2 ряд(-ов)

The FFSD series from Samtec are 0.050" (1.27mm) Tiger Eye™ flat IDC socket ribbon cable assemblies. These flat Tiger Eye™ IDC socket cable system features an exceptionally low profile design with a multi-finger, BeCu contact system for high reliability and high cycle applications. Optional rugged strain relief is available for a more robust connection in harsh environments as well as a variety of ejector and shrouded headers for mating. FFSD series mates with FTS 0.050" micro low profile terminal strips, FTSH 0.050" micro terminal strips, EHF 0.050" shrouded IDC ejector headers, SHF 0.050" shrouded terminal strips and ESHF 0.050" shrouded headers. These are available in various assembled length and wide variety of wiring options such as reverse wiring (RW), middle reverse (M), daisy chains (D), reverse (R), outside reverse (O) and strain relief (SR).

  • All common pin counts from 3 to 25
  • UL E111594 qualified
  • Single ended and double ended options
  • Notch polarization (notch option not available with -04 position)
  • Insulator material is PBT, 30AWG wire
  • 10µ" Au plating over 50µ" Ni on contact, Sn plating over 50µ" Ni on balance area
  • Current rating is 2.3A per pin (1 pin powered per row) (FFSD/FTSH)
  • Accepted lead size is 0.016" (0.41mm) SQ, contact resistance is 15mohm
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C
  • Wide variety of wiring options including reverses, daisy chains

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