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Стяжка, Q-Tie, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6), Черный, 410 мм, 4.7 мм, 110 мм, 50 фунт

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БрендHELLERMANNTYTON НаименованиеQ50L-W-BK-C1 Цена заПакет из 100 Страна производстваSouth Africa СкладFarnell

Стяжка, Q-Tie, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6), Черный, 410 мм, 4.7 мм, 110 мм, 50 фунт

The Q50L-W-BK-C1 is a Cable Tie made of heat stabilized (PA66HS) polyamide 6.6. It comes with open head and inside serrated. Q-tie has not only an innovative but also a revolutionary design. The open head of the cable tie enables a simple and quick installation. Just insert the ergonomically bent tail into the open side of the head and tighten the cable tie. Q-tie is the perfect product solution for applications under difficult working conditions. It is designed for use in applications where working with gloves is necessary or for blind applications with a limited view of the work.
  • Integrated pre-locking function
  • More than 25% faster in application
  • Easy application either manually or with a processing tool
  • Higher temperature resistance up to 105°C
  • UL94V-2 Flammability
  • EVO7, MK3SP, MK6, MK7HT, MK9/EVO9, MK3PNSP2, MK7P, MK20 and MK21 Application tools

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Q Series
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Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6)
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To Be Advised
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