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Концевой Выключатель, Плунжер, 1NO / 1NC, 10 А, 600 В, Серия FD

Technical Data Sheet EN

БрендIMO PRECISION CONTROLS НаименованиеFD1884 Цена заШтука Страна производстваItaly СкладЭЛИМ

Концевой Выключатель, Плунжер, 1NO / 1NC, 3 А, 400 В, Серия FD

The FD series rope operated Safety Switch for the protection of exposed machinery. The 35m model features immune to machine vibration, available with a wide range of contact block configurations, left-hand and right-hand models for reset button and conduit entry position convenience. The 12m model feature head rotatable in 90° increments for reset button position convenience. This rope-operated safety switch is installed on machines or belts. It enables a stop at any point of the machine simply by pulling the rope by hand. Being equipped with a self-checking function, they constantly test their operation and signal by the opening of the contacts, an accidental unfastening or break of the rope. When the models with reset button are used, they maintain the contacts open after operation even if the rope is released.

  • Heavy-duty die-cast metal alloy housing
  • Lockout mechanism isolates safety contacts until manually reset
  • 12 and 35m Rope length models
  • Indicator of correct rope tension
  • Fail-safe in the event of slack or broken wire rope
  • Single and triple conduit entry models
  • Dimensions in accordance with EN50041
  • IP66 Protection rating

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Активационный Элемент Концевого Выключателя:
Конфигурация Контакта:
1NO / 1NC
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Серия FD
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