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Кнопочный переключатель, Выкл.-(Вкл.), SPST-NC, 115 В, 28 В, 5 А, Пайка

Technical Data Sheet EN

БрендOTTO CONTROLS НаименованиеP9113128 Цена заШтука Страна производстваGreat Britain СкладЭЛИМ

Кнопочный переключатель, Выкл.-(Вкл.), SPST-NC, 115 В, 28 В, 5 А, Пайка

The P9113128 is a sealed flush dome Pushbutton Switch with gold plated silver alloy contacts. It is made of plastic housing with thermoplastic case/bezel. This switch comes with a threaded case for hex nut mounting or with a snap in case. This switch features short behind-panel depth and also offer excellent mechanical and electrical performance while operating under severe conditions found in demanding applications. This switch is offered in dust tight and moisture proof sealed construction. High contacts pressure and unique contacts design provide low contacts resistance for low level switching capability as well as full rated service. Positive tactile feedback signalling the operator when the switch is operated is available in snap-action. It is a quality precision switch designed for use in panels, control grips, instruments, heavy equipment and other demanding applications where attractive, rugged pushbutton switches are required.

  • Withstands extreme shock & vibration
  • Two button heights
  • Solder terminals
  • -55 to 85°C Operating temperature range

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