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Стяжка, Pan Ty® с фиксацией, ETFE (Этилен-тетрафторэтилен), Цвет Морской Волны, 295 мм, 4.8 мм

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Стяжка, Pan Ty® с фиксацией, ETFE (Этилен-тетрафторэтилен), Цвет Морской Волны, 295 мм, 4.8 мм

The PLT3S-C76 is a distinctive aqua blue locking Cable Tie made of Tefzel construction. The Pan-Ty® cable tie is ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental stresses such as chemical attack, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation and extreme high and low temperatures. Curved tip is easy to pick up from flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation. It is ideal for use in nuclear power facilities and chemical processing plants and meets the requirements of IEEE 383. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry
  • 1-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability
  • Low smoke density and excellent flammability rating of UL94V-0
  • Standard cross section
  • -60 to 170°C Operating temperature range

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ETFE (Этилен-тетрафторэтилен)
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Цвет Морской Волны
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No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
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