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Стяжка, с местом для маркировки, Нейлон (Полиамид), Натуральный, 203 мм, 4.6 мм, 50 мм, 50 фунт

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БрендHELLERMANNTYTON НаименованиеIT50R-NAT(100 PACK) Цена заПакет из 100 Страна производстваGreat Britain СкладFarnell

Стяжка, с местом для маркировки, Нейлон (Полиамид), Натуральный, 203 мм, 4.6 мм, 50 мм, 50 фунт

The IT50R-NAT(100 PACK) is a Cable Tie made of polyamide 6.6 (PA66). It features an identification plate allowing wire and cable bundles to be easily marked and identified. It enables wire and cables to be secured and identified using just one product, saving installation time. The plates can be marked using a permanent marker or with a HellermannTyton adhesive label. It is suitable for the identification and securing of cable bundles, saving valuable installation time by using just one product to both secure and identify. It can be marked either on-site or after bundling has taken place. It can be marked manually using the T82S series of indelible marker pens. In addition there is a large selection of labels available for marking. One of the major benefits is the ability to both secure and identify cable bundles at different times.
  • Plates can be marked manually with a permanent marker or with a pre-printed adhesive label
  • UL94V-2 Flammability
  • MK3SP, MK3PNSP2, MK7P, MK7, MK7HT, MK20, MK6, MK6PN, MK9, MK9HT and MK21 Application tools

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IT Series
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Нейлон (Полиамид)
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To Be Advised
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