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Маркер для кабеля, Привешиваемая Пластина для Записей, Натуральный

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БрендHELLERMANNTYTON НаименованиеIT1 NAT Цена заПакет из 100 Страна производстваGreat Britain СкладFarnell

Маркер для кабеля, Привешиваемая Пластина для Записей, Натуральный

The IT1 NAT is a natural Identification Tie made of nylon (polyamide) for use with marking cable bundles. Where maintenance and repair work is needed identification tie can be marked with labels printed on a thermal printer. This is an excellent tool for engineers to track repair work or for simple identification after termination has taken place. The design and printing of the adhesive labels can be carried out using Tagprint Pro. Any size of cable diameter can be marked dependant on the length of cable tie chosen. The maximum strap width is 7.4mm. If needed identification tie can be written on with T82 marker pens. It can also be direct-printed using the hot stamping process.
  • UL94V-2 Flammability
  • -40 to 85°C Operating temperature range

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Промышленное, Потребительская Электроника

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Нейлон (Полиамид)
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Привешиваемая Пластина для Записей
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To Be Advised
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