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Маркер для кабеля, Blank, Белый, 12.7мм x 50.8мм

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БрендTE CONNECTIVITY НаименованиеCM-SCE-TP-1/2-4H-9 Цена заПакет из 250 Страна производстваCzech Republic СкладFarnell

Маркер для кабеля, Blank, Белый, 12.7мм x 50.8мм

The CM-SCE-TP-1/2-4H-9 is a 50.8 x 12.7mm military grade tie-on Cable Marker Tag made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin, with blank legend. White on yellow colour. This marker tag features side entry provides access to big size and wire bundles as well as retrofit and repair capability. Highly resistant to abrasion, mechanical abuses, fluids, lubricants and solvents. Markers can be easily removed from the carrier. Easy installation where only standard cable tie-wraps are needed to install markers. Excellent print permanence when printing on the rough side of the marker. CM-SCE markers are flat, rigid, non-adhesive labels that can be used to identify large cables and wire bundles. Suitable for use with thermal transfer printers.
  • 4 Tie-wrap holes
  • Easy to use
  • Highly flame-retardant
  • -55 to 135°C Operating temperature range

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Оборона, Военная и Авиационно-космическое

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Максимальный Диаметр Кабеля:
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PO (Полиолефин)
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12.7мм x 50.8мм
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No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
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