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Стяжка, Ty Rap®, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6), Натуральный, 203.2 мм, 2.4 мм, 50.8 мм, 18 фунт

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БрендTHOMAS & BETTS НаименованиеTY232M Цена заПакет из 1000 Страна производстваUnited States СкладFarnell

Стяжка, Ty Rap®, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6), Натуральный, 203.2 мм, 2.4 мм, 50.8 мм, 18 фунт

The TY232M is a Ty-RAP® 203 x 2.4mm natural Cable Tie made of nylon 6.6 (polyamide 6.6). This cable tie features low profile head is designed to prevent snags on uneven surfaces and easier to pull through bulkheads. Non-magnetic stainless steel locking device insures both maximum strength and the right tightness every time. Because there are no notches, Ty-Rap ties provide an infinite number of locking positions while fastening the tie at the precise bundle diameter needed. Ty-Rap ties feature an unique friction surface designed to reduce slippage during installation. Smooth, notchless body reduces stress concentration points under tension, making the tie stronger and lower profile than notched body ties. Ribbed and stippled body grips the bundle and prevents slippage. Rounded edges protect insulation, preventing sharp edges from damaging cables. Suitable for indoor applications.
  • 0.05" Thickness
  • 2" Maximum wire bundle diameter
  • No-slip tail provides easy grip during tensioning
  • Turned-up rail orients tail to head for easy assembly, easier to pick up on flat surface
  • -40 to 185°F Temperature range
  • UL94V-2 Flammability rating

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Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6)
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No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
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