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Стяжка, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6HS) (Термостабилизированный), Черный, 100 мм, 2.5 мм, 20 мм

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БрендHELLERMANNTYTON НаименованиеT18ROS.HB3P Цена заПакет из 100 Страна производстваGreat Britain СкладFarnell

Стяжка, Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6HS) (Термостабилизированный), Черный, 100 мм, 2.5 мм, 20 мм

Outside serrated cable ties are ideal for use in environments where soft insulation or thin-walled wires or cable are being installed and the need for a cable tie that won't cause damage to the cable insulation is required. The design offers high tensile strengths, low insertion forces and a smooth surface to the cable insulation - minimising any indentation or damage. The curved head allows the tie to follow the contours of the cable and takes up less space than conventional designs.
  • Manufactured from polyamide 6.6 heat stabilised (PA66HS)l
  • UL94 V2 recognised
  • Applications, where thin walled or soft insulation wires and cables are being installed
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C continuous, (+145°C for 500h)
  • Supplied in packs of 100
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Hellermann Tyton - OS Series Cable Ties
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Нейлон 6.6 (Полиамид 6.6HS) (Термостабилизированный)
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