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Кабельная муфта, IP68, 3-позиционный, 6.5 мм, Синий, 2.5 мм?, FICX Series

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БрендAMPHENOL LTW НаименованиеSC-L-PG12-03-BL Цена заШтука Страна производстваChina СкладFarnell

Кабельная муфта, IP68, 3-позиционный, 6.5 мм, Синий, 2.5 мм?, FICX Series

The SC-L-PG12-03-BL from Amphenol LTW is a FICX series I tube PG12 cable joiner with end barrier screw type terminal block. The FICX series cable joiner makes the cable interconnections simple and reliable in field. Designed with screw type terminal block, the FICX series provides a cost-saving wiring system ensuring error-proof and time reduction. Meets IP68 (50m, 24hrs) waterproof protection and exposed to 720hours for UV resistance test, the FICX series is fit for either indoor or outdoor wet locations, enhancing installation quality.
  • Easy grip design, quick and easy Installation
  • Number of position is 3
  • Current rating is 20A
  • Voltage rating is 450VAC/DC
  • Wire section range from 14AWG to 18AWG (0.75mm? to 2.5mm?)
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 105°C
  • Gland nut and terminal block housing is made of black colour PA6+GF
  • Silicone seal, brass with nickel-plated contact, stainless steel screw
  • Insulation resistance is 100Mohm min at 500VDC ±10%
  • Blue colour seal, cable outer dimension is 4.5mm to 6.5mm
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FICX Series
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